Time for Big Change

It’s that time of the year again! Not just a time to enjoy toe-curling Iftar delicacies (we do love our haleem in Hyderabad) and shop at night bazaars, but also, and more importantly, a time to practice self-restraint, to let go of old grudges, to form new good habits, and to give to the needy. Last [...]


Looking to the Past for Answers to Present Urban Challenges

As the world becomes smaller, every large metropolis in the world seems to resemble every other. Cities, concrete jungles filled with glittering skyscrapers and artificial beaches, seem to open doors for globalization, and adopt a universal aesthetic language. What vocabulary, then, should the residential architecture of today use? The answer, we believe, lies in looking [...]

#appReview :: RoomScan

Say goodbye to slaving over a site for hours taking back-breaking measurements and subsequent back-breaking CAD drafting: let your iPhone do all the work! Room Scan by Locometric is a brilliant new free app designed to create floor plans just by walking around a room. The app has a couple of easy-to-follow directions. All you do is [...]

Is your kitchen boring you?

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Food is very significant in society and culture, it binds people together, and we constantly socialize over food. And it’s possible to do so only when the kitchen is active. An active and heavily-used kitchen deserves to be well-designed, and not just for utilitarian purposes. Kitchens are [...]