3core services

architectural consultancy

interior design consultancy + fit-out

landscaping consultancy

urban design consultancy

plotting layout/masterplan

advisory services

interior décor + style consultancy

site selection + evaluation assistance

urban-level guidelines + regulations

environmentally-responsible design

accessible design

                                        customized services

2turn-key design-and-build

canopy/shelter/installation design

customized furniture design

customized lighting + product design

signage design

graphic design + artwork/ murals

1redesign services

architecture/interior redesign

elevation/facade redesign

interior redecoration


5teaching + events

visiting faculty

design jury/ thesis guidance

lectures + presentations

design workshops


We regularly devote some of our time and resources on quota-basis to pro-bono or non-profit projects, or to providing services at a reduced cost, based on our evaluation of the social and/or design value of a project. We welcome you to approach us regarding this, if you feel your project is impactful to your community, and fits our criteria.


We’re working toward bridging the gap between great design talent and suitable jobs. We frequently receive portfolios from deserving architects and designers looking for work that fulfils them, and we put them in touch with firms looking for candidates who would be a good cultural fit.

If you’re an architect, designer or 3D viz looking for a job, click here to connect to open positions.

If you’re an architecture or design-related firm looking for fresh talent, click here to periodically receive portfolios of suitable candidates.