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DesignAware is an equal-opportunity employer, with an aim to create a multi-faceted, inclusive studio culture, and is accepting of professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, regardless of gender, orientation, caste, location, political views or religious beliefs.

If you’re interested to join our team, and if you meet any of the following criteria, please send in your resume and portfolio to We do not hire without references, so please provide contact details of at least two referees who are familiar with your work professionally.

Applications will only be evaluated on the basis of skillset, quality of work and suitability to studio culture.

We’re not looking for CAD monkeys!


Marketing Consultant: Resident in Dubai to work remotely/part-time on a contract-basis. Please email your resume to:


Graphic Design Intern: For an exciting short-term graphic design project. Please email your portfolio to:

Architecture/ Design Intern: Acceptance of internship applications for the Summer Cycle is now open! Please do not call or email: internship applications sent through email (or via text or social media) or outside the application bracket will not be considered. Click here to read about internship requirements and application acceptance dates for internship cycles before you apply.

Thesis Advisory

If you are a current student and would like advice or guidance for your undergraduate or graduate thesis in architecture, design, computation or a related discipline, please visit DesignAware Director Takbir Fatima’s personal website.

Interested in the Fractals Workshop? Click here to let us know!