DesignAware is an international award-winning experimental architecture and interdisciplinary design studio that was born of a desire to create awareness through livable / wearable / usable / accessible / responsible design.
DesignAware is deeply involved with built and natural environments, and with real and virtual worlds via investigative design research across discipline / method / scale / context / interface
DesignAware sparks discourse on the relevance of an open-ended approach to education and awareness through community engagement. Taking an entrepreneurial route, DesignAware has worked on various self-initiated projects, with a particularly strong focus on socially-relevant work. we continue to question methodological and pedagogical norms through our design research and practice.
DesignAware is not just a practice, it’s a movement.
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DesignAware’s portfolio cuts across a range of typologies, scales and contexts, including architecture, urbanism, interior and spatial design, object, furniture and lighting, and wearable design.
DesignAware is highly-selective of work, and each new project is seen as a puzzle to be solved with an exploratory, inquisitive and adventurous approach.
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Our work is process-driven and every design is a version, which can undergo tweaks and improvements during the process, and afterward. Recognizing this allows us to see each project as exploratory design research. All our methods are open-source: we like to share techniques and concepts that allow users and other designers to understand our work process.
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Design is an essential component of many overlapping fields, ranging from art and product design, to furniture and interiors, to architecture and urbanism. We aim to address pressing issues in the world  through architecture and design, and  by embracing all kinds of projects and delivering unique and unconventional design solutions.
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DesignAware focuses on a community-oriented approach to teaching. We conduct workshops not only for design and architecture students, but also aim to bring design thinking to schools and professionals from other fields. We believe in collaboration and pluralizing the studio by creating a virtual network between individuals with different areas of expertise, no matter where they are located.
the Fractals Workshop is a generative and computational design workshop that combines logic, geometry, natural systems and structure. Since 2011, the Fractals Workshop has been taught to people of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets across the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.
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Introducing the designaware protohouse™ package for small houses!

prototypical Plan sets for houses on sites ranging from 100-250 sq yards (84-209 sqm), and built-up areas from 2,000-5,000 sft (186-464 sqm). Includes universal design and vaastu-compliant houses.
We believe in using our talent and skills to give back to the community. We regularly devote some of our time and resources on quota-basis to pro bono or non-profit projects, based on our evaluation of the social and/or design value of a project. We welcome you to approach us regarding this if you feel your project is impactful to your community.
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“The Fractals Workshop taught me about fractals and the logic behind their beauty. It introduced me to the fascinating relation between mathematics and art.”

Sania Khan, student of Interior Design

“We learned a lot about how to see/frame data and ways to present it visually/3-dimensionally. A lot of brilliant ideas flying about! The workshop was interactive and I had a lot of fun learning about natural growth systems.”

Priyanka Darsha, student of Interior Design