FLOCK: Interlocking Assemblies // CEPT Summer Exhibition 2022

WHAT: FLOCK: Interlocking assemblies Directed Research Project
WHEN: May 10-23, 2022
WHERE: CEPT Summer Exhibition 2022, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

In Spring 2022, we had the opportunity to dive deeper into our ongoing design research on FLOCK: #InterlockingAssemblies as a Directed Research Project for students of BDes at CEPT University. Dhaneshree Ahir, Kirti Jangra and Rutika Vora worked as research assistants under Takbir Fatima.

The project looks into moving from 2D (patterning, tiling, tessellation) to 3D (interlocking, joinery, splicing), deriving high-resolution morphologies from control parameters and rules of aggregation. The outcome of the research was exhibited at the CEPT Summer Exhibition 2022.

Click here to access the Directed Research Project reports.

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