Here’s what some of our clients, students and other architects have to say about our work!

“The Fractals Workshop taught me about fractals and the logic behind their beauty. It introduced me to the fascinating relation between mathematics and art.”

Sania Khan, student of Interior Design

“Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Ms Takbir is an excellent instructor. She is clearly an expert in her craft.”

Renu, student of Interior Design

“We learned a lot about how to see/frame data and ways to present it visually/3-dimensionally. A lot of brilliant ideas flying about! The workshop was interactive and I had a lot of fun learning about natural growth systems.”

Priyanka Darsha, student of Interior Design

“The workshop has been informative as well as enjoyable. It encouraged us to explore and engage our minds and led us towards a completely new approach to design thinking. Takbir Ma’am guided us throughout the workshop to help us achieve successful results.”

Naadia Rehman, student of Architecture

“This workshop is a great way to learn how seemingly complex computer algorithms work, how a simple basic unit can be combined using rules to form a complex structure that goes on indefinitely. The workshop gives great insight into the design process. Looking forward to more similar workshops!”

Mariam Jamal, student of Interior Design

“It’s a very difficult project and the spaces have been dealt with in a very mature manner.”

Syed Anwar Aziz, Architect

“It is a beautiful place with intriguing detail. Essentially evokes the sense of a designer home.”

Pranavi Reddy, Architect

“I never knew vaastu could be applied so creatively.”

Naheema Shahnawaz, Professor of Architecture

“The floating bright bedroom and the hall and the kitchen which we used for our video shoot were beautifully done-up with bright colors.”

Aamir Tameem, Filmmaker

“Thank you very much for the design and for helping me with the remodelling of my library. The room appears more spacious and has sufficient space for my books too for now :). Everyone with whom I’ve shared the pics so far has liked the room. Thank you once again for all the help provided.”

Praneet Nagarur, Client