Acceptance of applications for the Summer Internship is now closed.

Applications sent by email or outside the application acceptance bracket will not be considered. Scroll down for details.

DesignAware offers internship opportunities at our Hyderabad studio for highly-motivated individuals with a predilection towards inter-disciplinary design. The internship is offered every April (Summer), August (Monsoon), and December (Winter), for a period of 20-45 weeks. Exceptions to duration of internship can be made on a case-wise basis.

We are currently not offering internships at our Dubai studio.

Remote Internships will also be offered on an experimental and case-wise basis. If you’d like to join remotely, please mention in the application form.

Interested candidates (fresh graduates or students) from any art or design-related background may apply. Current students or recent graduates of architecture/ interior design/ product or accessory design/ graphic design will be given preference.



// Important Dates

Winter Cycle

Application acceptance: 10 October, 2020

Application deadline: 15 November, 2020

Expect response: 1 December, 2020

Internship period begins: December 2020/January 2021

Summer Cycle

Application acceptance: 2 January, 2021

Application deadline: 15 April, 2021

Expect response: 30 April, 2021

Internship period: April/May/June 2021

Monsoon Cycle

Application acceptance: 1 June, 2021

Application deadline: 15 July, 2021

Expect response: 1 August, 2021

Internship period begins: August/September 2021

// Please note: Intake for the Monsoon Cycle is now closed. Please apply using the internship application portal during acceptance brackets. Applications sent by email or outside the application acceptance bracket will not be considered.

// You may also apply to intern over two or three consecutive cycles starting from the Monsoon Cycle (August/September onwards) or the Winter Cycle (December/January onwards).


// Pre-requisite Skills

++ Excellent verbal communication skills, with knowledge of writing, presentation and articulation.

++ Good graphic sense, with knowledge of PowerPoint, Photoshop and/or other graphic design programs.

++ Basic photography skills.

++ Working knowledge of 3D modeling software, such as AutoCAD, Rhino, 3DsMax, etc are a bonus.

++ Must be mobile and able to travel within the city whenever required.

++ Must possess ability to follow directions and work with others in a team.

++ Must be able to understand and convey information over the phone.

We are looking for self-motivated individuals with a willingness to learn and take responsibility, and who are passionate about the design process.


// Areas of Work + Responsibilities

Interns may be required to work on parts of various ongoing projects in architecture, interiors, product and graphic design. Your tasks may include, but will not be limited to:

++ Design development and visualization using various techniques, in 2D and 3D

++ Physical and digital model-making

++ Documentation, presentation, compilation and content writing

++ Managing and updating website and social media

Work may be individual, assisting a leader or in a team.


// Application Requirements

Interested applicants must include the following in their application package:

++ Cover letter of no more than 150 words

++ Resume

++ Portfolio of relevant work, clearly mentioning date, role and team, if any. Select work that best showcases your design sensibilities and your skills. Work can be academic, independent or professional. In case of team projects, please specify your role in the project. Portfolio must be compiled in a single PDF of preferably under 10 pages, not exceeding 25MB. Please do not send ZIP, RAR or any other compressed file format.

++ Contact details of at least two credible referees (eg. professors, professional mentors, employers or clients who are familiar with your work, not friends, acquaintances or relatives)

Portfolio and resume should be compiled in a single PDF file, preferably under 10 pages and not exceeding 25 MB. The file name should be in the following format:


Use Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar file sharing platform to upload your portfolio. Please refrain from sharing ZIP, RAR or other compressed file formats. Applications that do not meet these requirements will be considered incomplete.

We only accept applications through our application portal. Applications sent to by email or sent outside the application acceptance bracket will not be considered.

Successful applicants will be contacted via email before the 15th of the month. An interview will be conducted before your position is finalized. The interview may be in person or via Zoom.

For more information, see our related guide, How to Apply for an Architectural Internship here.

// The Fine Print

Internship period will begin in the second week of the month, for a minimum period of 15 weeks.

Internships of 20 weeks or less will be unpaid. Internships that extend beyond 20 weeks will pay a monthly stipend, which will be assigned case-wise.

Interns will be required to devote a minimum of 45 hours/week at the studio (or active working hours, if remote).

Interns will be required to arrange for their own commute. Any additional work-related travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Any required documents such as Proof of Employment or reference letters can be provided by DesignAware, within reason.

Interns may attend any one future event of their interest conducted by DesignAware, free of cost.

If you are applying as a part of your academic requirement, you will need to provide the official criteria for selecting a firm, and clear expectations from the internship and dates as per your curriculum. An introductory referral letter from your faculty will also be required.

If you are a qualified architect or interior designer, you may apply for a 15-week internship, at the successful completion of which you will be considered for a permanent position.

Selection of candidates before and after interview will be at the final discretion of DesignAware. Incomplete applications, or those that do not meet the above-mentioned criteria, or applications sent by email may be disqualified without communication.

// Previous Interns

DesignAware has previously trained interns from:
+Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
+CSIIT School of Architecture and Planning, Secunderabad
+SV College of Architecture, Cyberabad
+National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad
+RV College of Architecture, Bangalore
+School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
+Vaishnavi School of Architecture & Planning, Hyderabad

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