Is your kitchen boring you?

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Food is very significant in society and culture, it binds people together, and we constantly socialize over food. And it’s possible to do so only when the kitchen is active. An active and heavily-used kitchen deserves to be well-designed, and not just for utilitarian purposes. Kitchens are largely ignored, and a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter model is applied to kitchen design. It’s important to see your kitchen as a legitimate living space, where aesthetics and comfort matter just as much as functionality.


When should you go in for a kitchen remodel? 

The earlier the better. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, and your needs have evolved, you can go in for a kitchen remodel to suit your new requirements. You may also have changed your perception of the space and its usage after having lived there for a few years. For example, you may want to perhaps add some modern conveniences, or open up the kitchen to create more space. An interior designer would be able to understand your needs and translate them into the language of design.
Having said that, if you have a choice, the best time to consult an architect or interior designer is before construction, of course. I’d say you can involve an architect as early as when you’re going around to look at potential plots to buy! If you’ve bought a flat that is under construction or completed, you can bring in a designer before you move in, because it’s easier to design and execute a project from scratch as opposed to remodeling an existing space.

Here are some tips for instantly refreshing your kitchen if you can’t splurge on a complete remodel, but want a quick change right away:

  • Declutter. Try and keep counters cleared at all times. Use wall-mounted storage solutions instead, like pot racks.


  • Get rid of plastic containers. Immediately. Replace them with glass jars, which last longer, are not bad for health, are clear so you don’t have to label them, don’t get stained, and add class to the kitchen.


  • Add more lighting. It will make your space look bigger and cleaner. Cover exposed bulbs with shades or switch them out for pendant lights, to make the kitchen look and feel luxurious.


  • Use an old rug you or someone might throw away to make your kitchen feel like a room in your home rather than an ugly utility space.


  • Add seating, at least a chair or a stool.


  • Add a blackboard to leave notes for a personal touch, or to display recipes or the menu of the day.
  • Instead of just sticking your kids’ (or nieces’ or nephews’) paintings on the fridge with magnets, frame them and make them permanent art in your kitchen. Display mementos and knick-knacks that are dear to you and make you smile.


  • Hang a beautiful wall-clock. You should have a clock in the kitchen anyway, because you don’t want to burn your cake or miss your favorite show while cooking, so why not make it look good?


  • Understand your own usage. If you don’t like dusting, don’t display your dishes on open shelves. If you never bake, don’t buy a cooking range with a giant oven. If you like to take pictures of every meal you make, be sure your lighting is bright and focused.
  • For a bigger change, use wall-tiles just over the backsplash of the counter, or paint your cabinets a bright color.


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