Wearables on Arthitectural // September 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.42.25 pm

Inspired by digital modeling and model-making techniques used in architecture, we began to design wearable accessories in laser-cut fiberglass. The wearables are designed in 3D using digital modeling software and line-drawings obtained from the 3D model are sent to the CNC laser-cutting machine to cut out the patterns from fiberglass sheets. The pieces are then glued together in layers, producing a wearable, variegated 3D model.

The inherent quality of fiberglass is that of fiberoptics: when light enters any cut edge of the material, it propagates through and exits from all cut or sintered edges. To enhance the finely cut and layered wearables, and LED light is introduced at one point, which lights up the entire accessory in different colors.

Turning Torso

The Turning Torso bangle was inspired by the Turning Torso towerin Sweden, designed by Santiago Calatrava. A typical floor plan creates variation in the built form by a slight rotation at every level. Similarly, the Turning Torso bangle also has the same shape, a rounded square, that repeats over layers with slight rotation, giving the wearable a very fluid and curvaceous look.

Tangle Bangle

The Tangle Bangle is organic in form, and its curvaceous layers are reminiscent of the body structures of nautical creatures, perhaps the tentacles of an octopus. The structure appears random, but is actually the same pattern repeated over layers, but with slight rotation of angle with each layer.

Firm Description

DesignAware is a multi-disciplinary experimental design studio that was born of a desire to create awareness through livable, wearable, usable, accessible design. We are a young firm with a process-driven approach to design, and we take on projects from many related disciplines, ranging from architecture and interior design to furniture, product and accessory design. We have a small team spread across the globe, and we believe in creating a virtual office through collaboration. We undertake self-generated design research projects by designing and building in the studio. We also teach design through various workshops.