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DesignAware is a multi-disciplinary experimental design studio that was born of a desire to create awareness through livable, wearable, usable, accessible, responsible design.

DesignAware is not just a business, it’s a movement.

designaware :: everything design

Design is an essential component of many overlapping fields, ranging from art and product design, to furniture and interiors, to architecture and urbanism. We don’t discriminate: we design everything, be it architecture or accessories. We aim to address pressing issues in the world of design by embracing all kinds of projects and delivering unique and unusual design solutions.

At DesignAware, the focus is on an approach that is process-oriented rather than profit-oriented. Every design is a version, which can undergo tweaks and improvements during the process, and afterward. Recognizing this allows us to see each project as exploratory design research. All our methods are open-source: we like to share techniques and concepts that allow users and other designers to understand our work process.

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designaware :: taking things apart

On one hand, DesignAware provides custom-designed solutions to specific design issues for individual clients. On the other hand, we also delve into self-generated initiatives as part of our research, which we design and build at the studio.

Some projects call for low-tech materials and processes, using recycled or reimagined objects, while others call for a computational design methods and digital fabrication techniques. Reverse engineering helps us understand how things are put together by taking them apart.

furniture design process


designawear :: tailor-made for you

DesignAware wishes to free design of the confines of any single field. Principles used in structures apply to accessory design, methodology from apparel design informs and molds architecture and interior design. The boundaries between disciplines blur and only design quality remains.

Every product and accessory is unique and designer-made. There is no mass-production, so no two creations are alike.

wearable design

designaware :: teaching awareness

DesignAware focuses on a community-oriented approach to teaching. We conduct workshops not only for design and architecture students, but also aim to bring design thinking to the school level, as well as to professionals from other fields. We believe in collaboration and pluralizing the studio by creating a virtual network between individuals with different areas of expertise, no matter where they are located, rather than physical growth through accumulation of professionals concentrated in one place.

DesignAware hopes to create awareness by making well-designed spaces and objects accessible to all, so that it no longer remains the forte of a select few.

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client reviews

“No one gives so much time for a charity school, and that too with so many challenges. Thanks so much for your commitment and time.”

“It’s a very difficult project and the spaces have been dealt with in a very mature manner.”

“Love this very REAL kitchen! It looks like such a fun and interesting space to prepare and share meals. Best use of creativity/design/budget I’ve seen in a while. That peek into the dining room looks soooo inviting, I would LOVE to see the rest of the home!”

“I never knew vaastu could be applied so creatively.”

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