walk-in wonderland :: process

In this three-bedroom apartment, one of the spare bedrooms with an en suite bathroom was converted into a large walk-in closet. The large window was covered with sliding mirrored doors, which can be opened to reveal the window as required. Two open shelves on either end can be used for folded clothes. A ladder was fixed over the tops of these two shelves, and serves as a hanging rod not just for clothes hangers but also for pants, belts, scarves and bags on multiple hooks. A warm white tube light was fixed over the ladder as an uplight, visually raising the height of the ceiling and expanding the space along with the mirror.

Storage dressers on casters hold an extensive collection of scarves and can be used as a small island in the center or moved to the side as required. A custom-designed welded metal hanger holds necklaces and other storage solutions for jewelry. The movable glass and metal cart was fashioned from window grilles, and holds makeup and jewelry. Two ottomans double as seating and storage.