lime/blue bathroom

Typology: Residence

Floor Area: 1,000 sft

Featured Space: Master Bathroom

Location: Nizam Colony, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad

Year: 2014

Status: Completed

The existing bathroom already had crème wall tiles. The floor had recently been waterproofed and the existing tiles replaced with white floor tiles. There was little room to work with, in which small luxury details were introduced to the design.

The wall-hung wash basin was first replaced with a white vanity with storage and a white square countertop basin. A large mirror widens the bathroom, with the faucet afixed onto it. A cool white LED strip light throws diffused light from the niche behind the mirror, and can be used as a soft accent light at night, without turning on the overhead tube lights. The existing shower head was replaced with a large square one, lending clean, straight lines to the bathroom.

The open shower had no shower curtain, so a metal rail was custom-made to enclose the shower area. A new shower curtain with colorful circles and patterns became the focus around which the rest of the style evolved. A bright look was required, so a fresh color palette of cyan, lime green and royal blue was borrowed from the shower curtain. A laser cut fiberglass wall clock mimics the motifs on the curtain. A lime green map of Toledo on the wall, lime green plastic pots with fresh plants, and blue and green chevron towels complete the look.