industrial kitchen redesign :: process

This kitchen had been through a lot of wear: the construction was faulty, causing leakage in the floor, the original design allowed for almost no natural light to enter the kitchen, and previous tenants’ lack of maintenance had made an entire wall stubbornly greasy. The wall separating the kitchen and dining areas was brought down, opening up the space. The back wall of the kitchen was also removed and the adjoining balcony/wash area was taken in.

The elongated kitchen now had to have a galley-style counter configuration, which was resolved by adding a floating kitchen island with seating on one side. The side facing the dining area has square shelves that house recipe books and memorabilia. Custom designed stools in interlocking plywood pieces serve as seating. This island serves as a gathering space for guests while the hosts are cooking, or as additional worktop for multiple cooks, and also as a breakfast counter for daily use.

The counters were topped with granite, and all the woodwork was done in white.

The grease-damaged wall was impossible to clean: a creative solution was to build another rough exposed brick wall over it, giving the kitchen an industrial look. A hanging warm-white tube-light casts playful shadows on this brick wall, changing the look through the day.

The small corner opening was converted into a floor-to-ceiling window with a glass door, ensuring the kitchen would be well-ventilated all the time. The railing of an old bunk bed was converted into a pot-rack and hung over the sink. A small ledge was added over the kitchen counter to hold spice and condiment jars, with an LED strip light attached underneath for diffused lighting while cooking and for food photography. A rod was added just below, where utensils, tools, cups, etc can hang within reach.

An old vintage oriental rug was bisected to fill the length of the kitchen and hide the damaged flooring. Red and yellow accents repeat in the lasercut MDF wall clock, the fire extinguisher, the oriental rug and the island shelves. The entire kitchen was done on a very low budget and by upcycling existing or found objects.