café-style dining/ library :: process

This dining space came with interesting bones: a large angled bay-window-type wall with two windows and a wide unstructured space.

The angled wall was utilized by designing a banquette seating with storage underneath. The windows were left bare, without any treatment, as they faced a continuous brick wall. Instead, this wall was given a treatment of sprayed concrete for an industrial look.

The only other wall was covered with plus-shaped shelves, which serve as a feature wall as well as a bookshelf, the different arms of the plus-sign eliminating the need for bookends. A custom-designed round dining table in interlocking plywood seats six in the center.

The base colors were limited to white, gray and black. Almost all metallic accents, such as window grilles, the ceiling fan, and the café-style dining chairs were painted red. All other colors come from soft furnishings: table runner, pillows, throws, books posters, and flowers.