take flight

Typology: Retail/ Commercial
Built-up Area: 200 sft
Location: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Year: 2017


The concept behind the business center is networking and connecting people. The airport is a place for connections, and people travel by air to get connected to different places by flight. The take off and landing paths of different flights were studied and the lines derived from these paths were applied to the design of the business center. Each line represents a flight either taking off or landing. The enclosure consists of different layers put together to create a curvaceous interior. The entire material used is fiberglass, transparent and only edge-lit. This gives an ethereal look to these imaginary lines and makes the structure visible as if by x-ray vision. White or colored lights highlight the business center, which, even though it is transparent, stands out like a line-drawing against the subtle airport interior.