beach house :: process

The site is located on a beach at the shore of the Indian Ocean. The beach house was designed keeping in mind the brief from the client preferring architecture that is reminiscent of Santorini and Mykonos islands in Greece.

Elements of Santorini architecture include stark whitewashed, plastered walls with accents of brilliant blue, mirroring the Mediterranean Sea. Geometric solids, such as vaults and domes are repeating elements in the indigenous built environment. The architectural language closely follows the geographic terrain: slopes, ramps, winding staircases, stepped walkways and organic floor plans.

Very early on, it was understood that the beach house would have to be dealt with on an urban level. The floor was split into varying levels, with a high portico entry. Users would traverse through the house, moving down until they reached the dining level which gives a view of the deck and infinity pool, that blends into the blue ocean beyond.

The stairwell is topped with a raised white barrel vault, which lets in light into the center of the house. A split-level staircase allows for different angles of viewing of the levels of the house, without completely giving the feeling of moving between floors. A small island to the side of the staircase serves as an outdoor seating/dining niche, with a suspended prayer room above it.