DesignAware Connect

We frequently receive applications from many exceptional candidates whom we wish we could hire, if we had the capacity. Since we are unable to have these applicants on board, we believe they deserve to be connected to opportunities where they could display their talents and shine. Our initiative, DesignAware Connect, is a step in this direction. We regularly connect exceptional candidates with prospective employers and also help companies fill the talent void by introducing them to professionals we find outstanding. Even if the professional and the position are not meant for each other, we aim for this exercise to help grow networks and open up new doors.

Click here if you’re a company, firm or design studio looking to hire talented and screened architects, designers, 3D visualizers or draftspersons. You will receive resumes/portfolios of candidates as per your requirement. This is a paid service.

Click here if you’re a candidate interested in being included on our database. You will receive alerts on possible job opportunities from time to time. This is a free service in India.

Click here if you’d like to be connected to a carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, or other worker in Hyderabad city. This is a free service to create opportunities for our peripheral execution team. Connections are only for architecture, interior design or renovation projects exceeding 1,000 sft, subject to worker availability.