Fractals Workshop [virtual studio]

It’s the end of 2021: get ready for 2 online fractals workshops in december!

Fractals 31.0: parallel planes

short-term workshop

with: CEPT University Winter School

how long: 3 days + offline work

when: 21- 23 December, 2021

where: online via Zoom

Fractals 32.1: hybrid_realities

long-term masterclass

with: International School of Trends (ISOT)

how long: 3 months, 2 days/week

when: 15 December, 2021- 2 April

where: online via Zoom


The Fractals Workshop is a hands-on workshop exploring generative design through the use of analog algorithms. It is a computational formfinding workshop in which participants develop algorithms or rules of growth that are demonstrated through geometric aggregation models as an ongoing design research. This workshop is an adaptation of the teaching methods practiced at the Design Research Lab at the AA School of Architecture in London.

The focus is on developing prototypical design systems from the bottom up using analog algorithms versus designing from the top down with a preconceived end in mind. The method is inspired from the organic growth of natural systems, parametric architecture, structural systems, mathematics and geometry, and computational design.

Fractals Workshop series is an ongoing iterative design research focusing on the process itself and relinquishing control over the final outcome, which remains unpredictable.

Fractals workshop virtual studio

Since 2011, the Fractals Workshop has been to Hyderabad, Chennai, Vellore, Roorkee, Surat, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Kollam, Sharjah, Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, Boston, and Xixinan.

Since 2020, the Fractals Workshop series has been held exclusively online, which has given participants from all over the world to attend remotely, working with a combination of available household objects, paper or disposables, and computational tools. The design explorations from this online workshop series are curated in the form of a virtual reality exhibition that is open to all, and can be attended using your smartphone, computer or a VR headset!

Click here to visit the Fractals 27.0: inter{lace} 1.0 virtual reality exhibition.

Click here to see previous Fractals Workshops.


Analog to Digital

The design research and formfinding process is conducted between the analog and digital realms. Physical aggregation models made of readily-available materials at home are developed based on analog algorithms, which are then translated to data-embedded digital models.

digital to analog / Virtual to Real

Selected design systems from this workshop series are developed further for prototyping in real-material, and real-scale fabrication and installation as urban sculptures.

Real to virtual

All successful design systems from this workshop series are developed and exhibited in an immersive virtual reality exhibition online.

Screenshot (98)_

Fractals 30.0

The next online Fractals Workshop will be held over 3 days, followed by a virtual reality exhibition of the work. It will be mentored by Takbir Fatima, architect and Director of the award-winning interdisciplinary design and experimental architecture studio, DesignAware and the Fractals Workshop.

Applications will open soon! Click the button to register your interest for the next workshop.


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Each registration to the Fractals Workshop supports families of migrant workers that have been affected by COVID-19 in India.