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a hands-on, comprehensive long-term program in which you will be able to learn how a design concept evolves, becomes buildable and is ultimately realized in the form of a building, by interacting with award-winning architects and designers, and experienced engineers and construction team on site


The importance of getting your hands dirty!

As students of design or architecture and often as young professionals, there is a disconnect between the design studio and the construction site. Architecture is a slow process, and it may sometimes take years for a young architect to experience the site and see their first designs built. Certainly, starting out, we experienced this urge to get our hands dirty by immersing ourselves in the construction process, participating in making our ideas a reality.

At DesignAware, we are driven by creating awareness about design and sharing our knowledge and experience. We have done so in the past through our Join the Movement initiative, various Fractals Workshops and now we open up our live construction sites to students and young professionals who are keen on learning by experiencing.

Starting with a design presentation about architecture and design projects that are under construction, we will take you to visit three construction sites in Hyderabad, one primary and two secondary ones. Site visits to the primary site will be scheduled at key stages during the construction process so that students and young professionals have a first-hand experience of the site and the different stages during construction. You will learn about the makeup of the execution team, materials and technicalities, the connection between design and reality, as well as how we respond to unforeseen challenges and issues on site. Thinking on your feet is key!

This is an experiential program which will be led by different members of the multiple award-winning DesignAware team: experienced architects, designers, civil and structural engineers, and the execution team on site, who each have a high level of expertise and experience to introduce you to the Design + Build process first-hand.


As mentioned, architecture is a slow process, and can take many months or years to complete, depending on the scale and complexity of a project. We have selected a small project that has just broken ground and should be constructed in under a year. Apart from this, we will visit two more projects that are in different stages of construction.

Site visits of 1 hour duration will be tentatively scheduled for the second and fourth Saturday mornings of every month over 12 months, from March 2020 to February 2021, a total of 24 site visits in all. Three separate design presentations will be made to understand the concept before visiting each site. Exact dates will be provided once the course begins.

31 March is the last date for application acceptance to the first cycle of the construction process.


1 Ribbon House (primary site)A small residential project located near the Qutb Shahi Tombs. Two stacked duplexes have been designed on a very tight site sharing walls with neighboring houses. The design seeks to preserve existing trees on site and create ventilation opportunities from within and above. A low-budget project, the entire construction process will take 9 months and interior execution about 3 months.

2 Crescendo (secondary site)

A luxurious residential project of five floors located in Film Nagar, already under construction. Advanced stages of construction as well as interior execution details can be seen and experienced.

3 Block (secondary site)

A temporary structure in dry construction that will serve as a restaurant in Madhapur. This site has two existing trees that will be preserved and the building has been designed around these trees. The minimum lifespan of the building will be 2 years. The materials used in this project are dismantleable, recyclable and reusable. The entire execution is scheduled to be done over a period of 5 months.


The workshop can be attended by students of architecture, interior design and civil engineering, as well as young professionals. Participants may apply in groups or individually.

How much?

Course fee per individual: ₹12,000
Early-bird fee per individual (before March 4): ₹10,000

Applying in groups of 3 or more will entitle you to a discounted group fee and will also make the workshop more enjoyable!

Course fee per individual applying in a group of 3-5: ₹9,000
Course fee per individual applying in a group of 6-10: ₹8,000

Anything else?

Each participant will receive a Participation Kit containing a Fractals Are Everywhere pin badge, a Workshop Manual and a DIY GeoDesk 2020 calendar.

On completion of the workshop, you will receive an official participation certificate signed and stamped by the international award-winning architecture firm, DesignAware.


Good to know:

_This is not a design, computation or software workshop. Design presentations will be followed by site visits.
_Attendance is the responsibility of the participant, and they must arrange to be available in Hyderabad during the scheduled site visits. Transport must also be arranged by the participant.
_Participants must take all safety precautions as instructed by the tutors. DesignAware shall not be held responsible for any incident due to lapse in safety procedure or disregard of instructions by participants.
_Fee once paid will be non-refundable under any circumstances other than the below.
_In case of halting of site work on the primary site due to any reason not under the control of DesignAware, another site will be selected for visit.
_If you require more information before paying the fee, email us at info@designaware.org with “Studio to Site” in the subject line.


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The program will be led by Architect and Director of DesignAware and the Fractals Workshop, Takbir Fatima.